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UPDATED: Melbourne Gig Guide (Friday, June 15 - Wednesday, June 20)

Friday, June 15

Damnations Day, Espionage, Darker Half (NSW), Trigger and Panik @ Barwon Club, Geelong (7:30pm/$15)

Hailgun, Dud (NZ), Grudge, Blame Thrower (NZ), Counterattack and Tsugnarly @ Last Chance Rock ‘n’ Roll Bar, North Melbourne (7:30pm/$10)

Hardcore Superstar (Swe), Catalano, Atomic Riot and The Babes (SA) @ Prince Bandroom, St Kilda (8pm/$68-$163 VIP)

Lagerstein (Qld), Sudden State, Horizons Edge, Triple Kill and Haunted Steel @ Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy (8pm/$24)

Diamond Construct, Ebonivory, Hara Kiri and Anticline @ Karova Lounge, Ballarat (8pm/$15)

Christ Dismembered, Adamus Exul, Belligerent Intent, In The Burial (SA) and Suldusk @ Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood (8pm/$15)

Ragnarok – metal/alternative nightclub, playing all forms of heavy metal, hard rock and punk @ Loop Bar, City (9pm/FREE)

Saturday, June 16

Darker Half (NSW), Mason, Espionage, Requiem, Trigger and Panik @ Musicman Megastore, Bendigo (6pm/$15)

I Built The Sky, Arkive, Death In Bloom and Terrestrials @ Workers Club, Fitzroy (8pm/$20-$50 Masterclass with either Rohan Stevenson or Rob Brens)

Diamond Construct, Ebonivory, Hara Kiri and Visioner @ St. Ives Hotel, Wodonga (8pm/$15)

Born Heavy, Von Stache, Garlic Nun, Allmatta @ The Tote, Collingwood (8pm/$10)

Sunday, June 17

Diamond Construct, Ebonivory, Hara Kiri, Parkwood and Future Static @ Bar Open, Fitzroy (3pm/$15)

No Brainer (WA), Clove, Removalist, Plovers and Protection @ The Tote, Collingwood (5pm/$5)

Wednesday, June 20

Maggot Bath, Abu Ghraib, Spew Balloon and Mindrippa @ Bar Open, Fitzroy (8:30pm/$10)

Upcoming shows (International bands):

Aura Noir (Friday, July 6 @ Bendigo Hotel) ($34)
Machine Head (Saturday, July 21 @ The Forum) ($90)
Mortiis (Saturday, July 28 @ Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood) ($32)
Ulcerate (Saturday, August 4 @ Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood) ($20)
Stryper (Friday, August 17 @ Max Watt’s) ($86)
Archspire (Saturday, August 18 @ Max Watt’s) ($30)
Enslaved (Saturday, September 1 @ Max Watt’s) ($60-$160 VIP)
Satyricon (Thursday, September 6 @ Max Watt’s) ($62) (moved from Thursday, April 26 @ Max Watt’s)
Dragonland (Saturday, September 8 @ The Croxton) ($60)
Tesseract (Friday, September 14 @ 170 Russell) ($65)
Dimmu Borgir (Wednesday, October 17 @ 170 Russell) ($82)
Skid Row (Friday, October 19 @ Prince Bandroom) ($86)
Killswitch Engage (Friday, November 2 @ Margaret Court Arena) ($)
Primal Fear and Sinner (Friday, November 16 @ Max Watt’s) ($70)

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